October 27, 2010

Faux Encaustic

I downloaded a free demo by Nancy Reyner on the Artists Network on how to give your painting an encaustic (painting with wax) look using acrylics. There are formulas for 'Unrefined Beeswax' and 'Refined or Bleached Beeswax' looks.

Tried the unrefined beeswax recipe on my of paintings for k.i.s. said crow series. It is an interesting technique. I halved the

recipe and might of added too much Nickel Azo Gold. It was a challenge to get half a drop - possibly a bit yellower than wanted but still cool. With half the recipe I had enough to do one layer on four 8" x 8" paintings plus some left over for other bits.

Before Faux Encaustic:

After one layer of faux encaustic:

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